"old" zip drive=1st generation drive. I believe it has to say Made in Philipines or Malaysia for it to work on a SWCDX2. -nt-

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This message was posted by Jake, posted on September 01, 2001 at 08:33:48 coming from 65.92.124
This message is a reply to Define an "old" zip drive please... posted from TVkid posted at August 31, 2001 at 11:17:37
> Is it an old model zip as in NOT a 250mb drive? Or did they make different models of the same 100mb drive?

> TVkid

> > > > Juste One question :

> > > > How work the ZIP drive in the SWC DX2 !

> > > > I have a ZIP 100mo IOMEGA External

> > > > Juste Connect the Zip in the SWC DX2 ZIP Port and it Work ?????????

> > > Yup, works right out of the box. Just make sure your files are all named with the 8.3 format so your DX2 doesn't confuse you in the way they are displayed.

> > > Personally I never understood why people buy the disk dual. I got an external zip 100 drive used for a lot cheaper plus its easier to swap zip disks between the DX2 and my PC.

> > There are many reasons people might want to buy a DiskDual. Some of which might be: it holds much more data, new model ZIP drives don't work with the DX2, you can put a CD-ROM in it, it's probably somewhat faster than the ZIP because of faster access times although both transfer over the parallel port whichs limits the max transfer speed.

> > If you have an old ZIP it's worth a try but a new one won't work.

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