If any one needs a Patch to make Rockman Wily Wars work on a genesis copier let me know

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This message was posted by Reek Master of Roms, posted on August 29, 2001 at 04:42:14 coming from 24.4.252
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Hi, I just cracked Rockman Wily Wars For genesis , Now it works on a genesis copier. Rockman Uses 1mb for sram and a genesis copier only has 256kb so the game won't load when you load it up onto your genesis copier, this patch work on the japanese .bin format of rockman wily wars rom, so if you have a Double Pro Fighter just conver .bin to .smd and it will work fine ,I also change the sram of the game too 256k so it will save on your copier and even the last special stage work ,this patch will run on a genesis emu too without problems.If you want it e-mail me at snesmaster62@hotmail.com

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