it *DOES* exist : proof here....

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This message was posted by Alcahest, posted on August 25, 2001 at 09:29:42 coming from 195.36.182
This message is a reply to IPS patch for Tales of Phantasia to remove the intro to make the rom PopC0rn wherecan i get it? *nt* posted from Sam posted at August 22, 2001 at 23:39:31
from Dejap TOP patch :

Dark Force: ³ Û
Û ³ A long time ago, I saw a reference to Tales of Phantasia in some ³ Û
Û ³ gaming magazine. The game was bigger than most Neo Geo carts of the ³ Û
Û ³ time and it had real voices. It seemed amazing for an SNES game and ³ Û
Û ³ as I expected it would never come out over here. ³ Û
Û ³ I followed SNES emulation from the very start, once it got to the ³ Û
Û ³ point where many commercial games were emulated, I went hunting for ³ Û
Û ³ ToP. Needless to say it didn't work at the time. From my days in the ³ Û
Û ³ console scene, I had come across a ToP patch by PopC0rn, which ³ Û
Û ³ removed the intro (which used extended mapping which wasn't emulated)³ Û
Û ³ from the game allowing it to run on a 32mb copier. This meant the ³ Û
Û ³ patched rom should also work on an emulator. Though only the sound ³ Û
Û ³ menu worked with the patched rom, it was still amazing to see it ³ Û
Û ³ being emulated. ³ Û
Û ³ I then developed an interest for seeing it getting fully emulated. I ³ Û
Û ³ knew it would work on a 64mb GameDoctor, so I sought out people who ³ Û
Û ³ had those copiers and got them to run various tests in an attempt to ³ Û
Û ³ figure out what the GameDoctor was doing that emulators weren't. ³ Û
Û ³ UnaFarmer turned out to be the most helpful. With help from F.H, we ³ Û
Û ³ figured out the memory mapping scheme and passed it on to zsKnight. ³ Û
Û ³ By then, zsKnight had already figured out half the mapping on his ³ Û
Û ³ own. We gave him the missing piece and then ToP instantly became ³ Û

The question is : WHERE can we get our hands on it now?
Also, if the guy claiming he was part of the SNES scene doesn't know about this, He *WASN'T* part of the scene ^^

Û ³ emulated.

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