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This message was posted by Matthias, posted on August 23, 2001 at 10:47:06 coming from 217.86.98
This message is a reply to Hmm, very interesting Matthias... posted from mikael posted at August 23, 2001 at 08:32:08
> that you have such a positive attitude towards the progress in making stuff smaller than bigger.

> If that can be done, why are you so pessimistic about other stuff that can get playable, such as software decoders/decompressors for special chip games, and if there is not enough space, a "chop" of the game could also be done, (reducing it to 64 Mbit). And it's obvious, the more space you have, the more stuff we can pack it with.

> So according to you:

> If stuff can get playable by getting smaller, then that's great.
> But if stuff get only a bit bigger than 32 Mbit, then that's something to ignore...

> I don't understand your logic here...

Well... then you should also call the complete DC and PS2 scene being not logic. Ever heard of "downsampled"/"ripped" releases?
I really don't want to argue about such a pointless topic.

-- Matthias

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