but that dosent work with LFN's does it?

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This message was posted by Recoil, posted on August 18, 2001 at 06:44:03 coming from 213.123.159
This message is a reply to Re: SWC DX2 WHATS THE LOW DOWN?? posted from Jigsaw posted at August 18, 2001 at 03:11:08
> > Jig you dont have a UFO do you? It's a better built unit for sure.. But I have loads of SNES copiers

> > SWCDX (32m)
> > SWCDX2 (64m)
> > Super UFO Pro 8 (32m)
> > Super Com Pro 1 (Early SWC) (16m)
> > Super Pro Fighter (16m)

> > And at the moment I'm using the SWC DX2 although i'm still not completely happy about it (I think I want to load games from ZIP Disk).. It's a great unit and well worth the extra money just for the convieniance factor..

> > howd you get the thing to load just on a double click?

> No I don't have a Super UFO. Just a SWC DX2.

> To get your ROMs to load on a double-click, just associate *.SMC files with VGS 2000 in Windows. When you double click a ROM it skips past the menu and just starts loading automatically. I haven't tried it with SRAM yet but it should work.

> Jigsaw

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