Bios upgrade for Pro Fighter X Turbo 2?? & how to fix the background image ?? + more Qs inside.

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This message was posted by TheShadowRunner, posted on August 14, 2001 at 10:55:04 coming from 195.36.188
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Hey all.
I'm really clueless about this copier's functions and would love to see some questions answered.
1) Is there a way to fix the background image that keeps scrolling on the copier's menu. Mine by default is on the american flag. if I press left on the controller, I have japan flags, then sweeden, then fixed blue bg. HOW CAN I FIX THE BG once and for all????
2) What's the use for the GB slot if I don't have a Smart Card device ?
(I know I can backup GB games but.. anything other than this?)
3) I couldn't manage to make Super Mario RPG work. all the other big ones are running perfectly (Seiken Densetsu3 Eng, RSaga 3 Eng, etc..), did ANYONE managed to run this game?
4) If I stick a guenuine Star Fox cartridge on the copier and then try to play games with FX chip, will it work?
5) Would Tales Of Phantasia work if I upgrade to 48MB ?

Thanks a lot for your time reading all this!
If you have any clues on any othe the above questions, please let me know.
Any feedback greatly aprrecited!


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