I'm now a owner of a SWCDX2 64M - it's a great unit!

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This message was posted by sledge, posted on August 07, 2001 at 10:48:51 coming from 212.181.217
I just got my brand new SWCDX2 64M from Lik-sang. It works great and it's a quite cool unit. Even though it costed me more than people normally would have paid for such unit. I felt the need of owning one. And since FFE could not ship 64M units for the moment. I did not have any choice if I wanted the 64M version.

(I'm not too foolish, I'm just one of those with too much money that Mikael talked about :-)

Just wanted you guys to know.

Now! If only I could find my old parallell ZIP-drive. I used to have one... years ago.. probably gone.

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