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This message was posted by Reek Master of Roms, posted on August 06, 2001 at 17:00:08 coming from 24.4.252
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This message is a reply to Re: Parallel connection interferance posted from Robbie posted at August 06, 2001 at 15:14:16
You should get a 4 Port Data Transfer Switch Box it lets you conncet 4 parallel conncetion into one parallel port the company that makes it if Belkin the Model Number is F1B028E there web site is this is better then unpugin the copiers every time you want to change them with this box you just switch to the one you want.
> Thanks for your reply, I changed the parallel port mode to EPP, it was in ECP, it seems to work OK now if its connected to the SWC before the SWC is turned on, but small sparks still come when disconnecting/reconnecting it while the SWC is on (and the PC is on) and when I do this it still mucks up what the SWC is doing. Is this normal? the voltage seems to be on the outer casing of the parallel port/plug. why does it only muck it up when its being disconnected/reconnected and not while it IS connected? Is the PC sending a voltage to a part of the SWC that should be ground/earth? What sort of dammage is this doing to the SWC and will it be OK for the V64? Many thanks for your time, I realy apreciate it.

> Rob

> >What's the setting of your parallel port is it in Ecp or Epp, cos theres power being sent to you parallel that's why when you disconncet it sparks came out, go to the bios and make is Epp that take less power to send stuff from your pc to your copier, get a parallel 4 port data transfer switch box so that you can conncet the v64 and swcdx and you printer at the same time, that would help you from disconncet the copiers from the parallel port you can just switch to with one you want on.
> > > Hi, I hope someone can help with this...

> > > I've used the parallel connection on my SWC DX and V64 to connect to my old PC (166MMX) it worked fine. Now I've got a new (and expensive!) PC and when i used it with my SWC DX it mucked it up, the background music was messed up and when i run a demo after loading it from the PC some of the graphics looked glitchy (and I think the sound was bad too). I thought it may be the connection to the pc so disconnected it at the SWC end and as i did it i saw sparks and heard blips from my PC speakers! I checked the SWC was OK after and it seems to be, but I'm scared of trying it with my V64 .... or SWC DX again cos i dont want to damage it for ever.

> > > If anyone can help please reply, thankyou very much.

> > > Robbie

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