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This message was posted by The Dumper, posted on August 04, 2001 at 23:53:18 coming from 216.127.80
This message is a reply to I got question? The Dumper posted from De posted at August 03, 2001 at 18:41:02
> Most 4 MBit and 8 Mbits rom run perfect from CD to SF7.

> However, some got error message "Disk format error" when it was loading on the half way throught.

> For example , 32Mbit game, 4 disks - Finish loading disk A 100% and loading disk B up to 30% or 50 % ...error message appear.

> Do you have same problem ? Any idea how to fix it?

I had many problems figuring out how to get this to work initially (since no directions came with the CD7 and the PSF2 manually barely touched on the subject).

I did get it to work but my CD7 is apart right now so I can't verify how. As I recall you need a header on the ROMs, a Game Doctor header of course, not an SMC header. I think you can either split the ROM into pieces or you can have an entire 32Mb ROM in one file and the GDSF7 will split it as it loads (but it has to have a GD header). If you split the ROMs I think the first part had to have a header and the rest of the parts must not have a header.

The CD7 is VERY picky about the file names. If you don't follow the CD7 naming convention for files it won't work. I think it was something like SF32023. The first two characters must be SF the next two are the rom size and the next three identify the specific ROM. SF32023 would be for a 32Mbit unsplit ROM (or was it SF32023.1 or SF32023.A, can't quite recall). If you split it it's something like SF32023.A, SF32023.B, SF32023.C, SF32023.D.

If you can't figure it out I'll put the CD7 back together and check it out.


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