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This message was posted by Sledge, posted on August 02, 2001 at 07:01:50 coming from 62.20.151
This message is a reply to Geez, what a joke posted from mikael posted at August 02, 2001 at 05:29:50
> SWCDX2 64Mbit version (PAL or NTSC) $299
> SWCDX2 32Mbit version (NTSC only) $259
> Disk Dual Unit $99

> They have to be crazy... 299 dollars???

> They charge 90 extra dollars for it, and then also shipping???

> At FFE, you get one 64 Mbit for 210, and that includes EMS shipping wich usually costs over 30-40 bucks.

> If you're buying these stuff from Lik-Sang, you're either filthy rich, or you're stupid.

> mikael

I'm very tempted buying a DX2 64Mbit. But as I recently bought my Super UFO 8+ for 119 dollars from the same company, it feels a bit too high.

God! For me it would be like a total cost of 4600 swedish crowns after I have paid taxes, custom fee and shipping. The dollar is way too high also for the moment.

Even though I don't really need a 64M unit. It would have been nice with a parallell port. But for 200 extra dollars then for my UFO. It's really not worth it.. or?

Please tell me NOT to buy it.. :-(

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