splitting 24mb roms to work on mgd2??? help!!

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This message was posted by acem77, posted on July 29, 2001 at 17:14:10 coming from 24.52.198
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i am trying to get mega drive ver of cotton to run on my mgd2 but i have no luck. the game is 24mb i found a program that will split it up 3 time.
2 1mb files and one 512kb file.
i tried to load them no luck.
i have gotten many 4,8,16,32 mb games to work with it just not the odd sized
roms 24 mb. any one get any 24mb roms working?? if so please tell me i would be very thankful if you shared the info with me.
i have wasted a lot of time trying
and will go crazy soon if i dont find out how. i know it can be done the mgd2 cart has a 32mb 24mb switch on the side

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