SWCDX2 and Mario Kart

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This message was posted by gingure, posted on July 29, 2001 at 12:58:29 coming from 217.229.206
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i have a SWCDX2 with a US SNES. I want to play the US-Version of Super Mario Kart and afaik you have to put another DSP1-Cart as Bootcart in the SWCDX2. The only DSP1-Cart I have is Mario Kart PAL. But when I use the PAL-Version to boot up the backup of the US-Version, the game runs well, but when the race starts, the graphics are always messed up. Sometimes you can play the game, but the graphics aren't shown correctly.
It's some sort of flickering and displaying wrong graphics, but it only appears randomly.

Any ideas?

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