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This message was posted by Sledge, posted on July 27, 2001 at 03:41:20 coming from 213.89.118
This message is a reply to Re: I am not convinced the SWCDX2 is the best - txt - posted from Rob posted at July 26, 2001 at 23:45:16
> > a friend of mine showed me his copier. I told him how my snes mouse would not work with my copier. He told me his works. but he was impressed that mine had a parallel port, and I could use a zip drive. He said his did not have this feature! I believe he said his was made a company named Bung. I think it had a yellow sticker on it also.

> Sooo, just because the mouse didn't work, you dispute the DX2!!? That's hardly a legitimate reason. I can count with one hand the number of games that actually use the mouse. BTW, the mouse works with my SWCDX2 so your friend has some explaining to do.

I have owned quite some copiers during my SNES days. in 1992 I bought the Super Magicom, a good "basic" copier. The external diskdrive was no success though. It broke easily. I bought a Super Wildcard 16 afterwards. It was a really good machine, both a parallell port and built in diskdrive. The only disadvantage with it is the slow disk reading and the ugly look of it. Now, the SWCDX2 has a nice look. But I have never used one in real life. Then I came over this Super Disk Interceptor 16Mb. This is a very nice "basic" copier. With autoloading, own tracking 1.6Mb format for extremly fast loading on floppy. And it's has a nice design too. No parallell port though.

Lately I bought the Super UFO Pro 8 from Lik-sang. And besides that it has no parallell port, I think this is the best copier. It has a nice look, loads disks fast (if formatted on the UFO) and can read all kinds of formats. It can be upgraded in memory up to 128Mb (only God seems to know where to get this RAM :-).

I'll vote for Super UFO Pro 8!

Those copiers from BUNG seems to be so complicated to use. Am I wrong?

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