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This message was posted by SACM, posted on July 23, 2001 at 17:20:41 coming from 213.97.69
This message is a reply to Re: Super UFO pro 8 and SNES PAL posted from Sledge posted at July 23, 2001 at 16:34:55
> > Hi, after a few seconds playing with this set the games freeze and sometimes the screen show corrupt. I read that Super 8 doesn't work on earlier SNES PAL, but my question is if someone has got it to work (maybe a firmware upgrade)or if someone know where can i buy a ntsc or new pal SNES (preferable a link to an european store). Thanks and sorry my english, i'm spanish.

> My Super UFO pro 8 works fine. I got mine from Lik-sang last week. I had to buy a 9VDC center negative 1A power supply to get it to work. But it works. And I have a PAL SNES (the one that came with the Mario All Stars Bundle). Don't remember year though.

> /Sledge

aghhh mine is also the mario all star pack. My SNES model is SNSP-001A(FRG) and the power supply i am using with the ufo is a 10V 550 mah from a sega drive. I dont get error on loading games from disk, but when i begin to play, it freeze in a few seconds. Can you tell me what is your SNES model number and what is your UFO bios revision? Thanks.

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