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This message was posted by Idiot Newb, posted on July 23, 2001 at 03:01:34 coming from 208.229.228
This message is a reply to Re: posted from Sledge posted at July 22, 2001 at 04:30:25
I thought a few games may use more then 32/34 dram, which is why I asked. Now that I know nothing does, I'm safe from the limitation of not being able to play any game(with the special chip and TOP exeption of course...). WOO!

> > I don't know... If I had the chance to buy a SWCDX2 with 128 Mbit RAM for an extra 20 bucks, I'd buy it... You never know what can be released in the future...

> > mikael

> No, you can never know what's released in the future. But I doubt that it will ever come. If something new is released it will never be that big. And demos are mostly
> made to fit the most common hardware. And I would say that it would be a 16 Mbit maximum.

> But you can never have too much RAM. No matter what you are using it for. But I'll spend my 20 $ on something else instead. 34 Mbit is more then enough for me.

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