The rom seems to work fine at 60hz (patched)

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This message was posted by Mike, posted on July 17, 2001 at 16:19:50 coming from 63.162.22
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This message is a reply to NTSC SNES/SFC and Terranigma posted from mikael posted at July 17, 2001 at 15:13:53
If you're talking about the rom on a copier, then it can work. If you load the rom up into an ntsc snes, it won't work (it'll say not made for your system.) But there's a patch at schweino's website to pass this.

I ran the rom in zsnes forced to 60hz (command line -t) and it detected the framerate and didn't play. Using the patch it got by that (my copier is 24 meg, otherwise I would have tested it.)

Basically: there's a japanese version of the game (ntsc,) and I doubt they did any changes to the pal version that had to do with timming. So applying that patch to the pal version will disable the pal check, and make it work on an unmodified ntsc system. Though if you were to play the cart or an unpatched rom, you'd need to switch to pal at the beginning of the game, then switch to ntsc to play it at 60hz.

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