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This message was posted by Rob, posted on July 13, 2001 at 03:06:17 coming from 4.40.185
This message is a reply to Re: GB Flash Rom to Snes Cart convertor posted from Chris posted at July 12, 2001 at 12:11:09
> > Hello,

> > I have this project in my mind:
> > Take a GB Flash cart with Dr. XChanger, a SNES and a Super GB.
> > Open the Super GB, trow away the hardware and solder the pins so the GB rom pins are directly connected to the Super GB pins.
> > Would this work? The number of pins on the carts are different, does that matter? I don't know anything about flash rom. Does anyone have some page with resources?

> Hmm.... that's an interesting idea, but it will likely fail because: The SNES has a larger address bus than the GB. On the SNES, the unit can address several megabytes of ROM from the system. On the GB, it can address only 32k of ROM without resorting to MBCs (memory bank controllers). As such, an SNES is not aware of, and cannot use, gameboy MBCs, leaving your SNES games stuck at 32k, if it works at all.

What about using a GBA Flash ROM?

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