Now comes the interesting part.

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This message was posted by Cyan, posted on July 11, 2001 at 07:15:01 coming from 62.153.7
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A few of my experiences...

- Once I modded a US SNES so that it would boot PAL carts (I disabled the lockout chip as described in Mark's doc).
When I tried Super Mario RPG (us) to run on that modded machine, it would work about every second time I powered the device on.

- I used to run Super Mario RPG via an import adapter on an unmodded PAL system. First, it worked until the save point at Tadpole Pond, where the game froze when I tried to save; my savegames were gone thereafter. I restarted and didn't ever save at Tadpole Pond. But Square is mean ;-) The game would show graphical glitches in the forest where you get Geno; and after the dialogue, it froze forever. So I realized I had to buy a US SNES.

- Nowadays, one of my PAL SNES had to be testing object for a complicated mod: 50/60 Hz switch AND lockout mod. Now, when I try Super Mario RPG on that machine (60 Hz mode), it works flawlessly whenever I turn the console on. However, I haven't had the time to actually play the game from beginning to end to try and check if it works even at the Tadpole savepoint and in the forest...

Who knows, Mario RPG is full of secrets, like I always say :)


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