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This message was posted by Mark, posted on July 08, 2001 at 12:20:34 coming from 62.189.34
This message is a reply to Re: Get my schematic files before you hurt yourself posted from The Dumper posted at July 08, 2001 at 02:52:22
> > That cd rom is not standard ATAPI interface(need spical or creative SB16 interface card to run), so it is much harder to covert to ATAPI CD rom. I will keep working on it tomorrow.

> Sweet Jesus De don't try to hook up the CR563 to an IDE interface, you might blow out something. It's not an IDE drive.

Of course that's true. But it is possible to convert a Panasonic-interface drive to IDE. I have a small converter board which does just that. I don't remember exactly which ICs it contains, but there were at least two PALs/GALs, so it is not trivial.

The converter is almost certainly not bidirectional, so could not be used to connect an IDE CD-ROM drive to a GDSF 7 or Professor SF II. (Admittedly I didn't try, but I am not going to risk damaging the converter board -- or an old PC sound card with Panasonic interface -- by trying.)

-- Mark

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