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This message was posted by Matthias, posted on July 07, 2001 at 16:14:50 coming from 217.86.98
This message is a reply to MGD2 and Nomad posted from fst posted at July 07, 2001 at 14:52:34
> Hi, I have the MGD2 SRAM I/O for MD, does anyone know if this will fit nicely into a Nomad? I am considering getting one, sure it will be kinda bulky, but portable MD is irresistable. Also, I saw on these products:

> Sram for Mark III to MD Interface
> Sram for Game Gear to MD Interface

> Does that mean, I can also play GG and Mark III games on the Nomad? (Mark III is SMS right?) I hope this is all true. Imagine every playing every Sega (non-CD/GD)system on the road!

AFAIK the later Model 2 and all Model 3 MD's as well as the Nomad weren't SMS compatible anymore due to a redesign in the internal architecture, so I guess they won't work with those devices either.

And for the Gameaxe there's a NES adaptor available at for ~10 US$.

-- Matthias

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