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This message was posted by nam_, posted on July 06, 2001 at 16:18:21 coming from 207.46.125
This message is a reply to SUPER UFO NEWBIE HELP! SAVE GAMES??? posted from buddha_flo posted at July 06, 2001 at 14:28:13
You need to transfer the save data (stored in SRAM) to and from the UFO to disk to do this. After playing the game and saving, turn the snes off & on again, making sure to take the disk out so it doesn't start autoloading. Go to the backup menu (3rd from left on top row I think) then select SRAM UFO to Disk. Next time you want to play the game with that save you need to do SRAM Disk to UFO, then load the game into DRAM and play.

Here's a link to the english "manual" that has on their site. It's certainly not very detailed but it might help you out.


> okay, just got my SuperUFO Pro8 - LOVE IT! but...
> newbie question alert!!!!!
> how do I save a game state/save so I can play again later??
> manual in JAP so no help there????
> any UFo heads out there wanna fill me in?? ;)
> cheers

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