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This message was posted by Rob, posted on July 04, 2001 at 16:07:44 coming from 4.40.185
This message is a reply to Strange NGPC linker behaviour posted from RetroMan posted at June 28, 2001 at 16:40:59
> Hello,

> Since a short while I got a NGP linker set with a 32m flash cart.

> I have this strange thing.

> If I write a program to the cart, and put the cart in my NGP, it runs fine.

> But if I turn off the NGP and turn it on again, it won't start up and after a few seconds, the NGP shuts down the power.

> This happens with EVERY program that I write to the cart.

> When I write the same (or another) program to the cart, it runs fine again. But when I turn the NGP off and on the program won't start.

> I've replaced all NGP's batteries with new ones, does not help.

> If I can't start the program and put the cart back into my linker, it recognizes the cart perfectly. But if I put it back into the NGP again, it won't start. I have to re-write it to play with it again.

> Can you help me?

The flash cartridge is bad. I bought two 32meg flash cartridges when I bought my linker. One cartridge worked perfectly normal but the other had the identical problem you have. It took over a month but I was able to get it exchanged.

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