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This message was posted by The Dumper, posted on July 02, 2001 at 01:40:57 coming from 216.127.80
This message is a reply to PC - GDSF7 Transfer Utils Q posted from FunnyFarmEscapee posted at July 01, 2001 at 18:17:52
> I've been trying to work with many utils for my GDSF7 and none seem to work too well.

> TSF -> doesn't even work when trying to transfer.. just sits there with a bar rotating.

Yep. I can't imagine how it could ever work.

> Gtool -> send to the copier great, but it doesn't send multiple files(SFXXXXXA, SFXXXXXB, SFXXXXXC...) or I try to send one huge 32M file and it keeps the ending at 'A' for all files (SFXXXXXA, SFXXXXXA, SFXXXXXA...).

Do you have the latest version of Gtool? I used the latest version and it seemed to send games just fine. You have to configure it for the GDSF7 first. I don't think you even need to have the ROM split, you can send a single file and GTool will break it up. I think I named it SF16023. Note that there is no A, or B on the end, it's a single file, the 16 is the game size in Mb. I don't know if you have to name the files like this, but it worked for me.

> My question is:

> Is there a good transfer util that I can get that will be able to transfer all files related to one game at the same time or split up a large rom correctly? I remember an earlier version of TSF (probably earlier than 2.0) and it worked great! but now I can seem to find it...

GTool was the only one I've gotten to work so far.

> Also.. I'm not able to get my port running at SPP from what I have read and am only able to do ECP, EPP, Bi-Dir or Normal.. I'm not sure which one to choose. if anyone can help.. I'd appreciate it.

I don't think it matters for GTool. I have mine set up for both ECP & EPP.

> I'm running Windows ME and am trying to transfer to a Game Doctor SF 7 with bios v7.11.

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