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This message was posted by Reek Master of Roms, posted on June 27, 2001 at 03:47:01 coming from 24.4.252
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This message is a reply to Help needed for saving on game doctor posted from Jenny posted at June 27, 2001 at 03:33:31
Could be 2 things you need to patch the roms in order for the gd sf6 to save right or your sram in your gd sf6 is no good, Have you try dumping a cart that has sram and playing it on your game doctor sf6 , trying to save then reload the save file, see if that works if not then you might need to replace the bram of the gd sf6,it's going to be a bitch tho cos bung solder the bram and users ram on the gd sf6 mother board unless your a get solder don't try to remove it.Have someone who know how to remove the type of solder do it for you to replace the 256kbits bram chip.
> Hey all
> I'm having some probs saving on my game doctor sf6. I like playing RPG's but can't seem to save them. How does saving work on this system? As far as i can figure, when i save during the game, it should save into the Game doctors BRAM so that i can continue... I also have thought that i can backup these saves to disk via "write BRAM" and also "load to BRAM" to send from disk to game doctor. Am i correct in thinking so?

> The problem seems to be that the game doctor isn't saving anything to memory when i save during the game. Whenever i try to reload, theres nothing in memory.

> Can anyone please explain how to save games to me.

> Thanks

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