Re: GBA carts can be up to 256MB, but...

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This message was posted by retro, posted on June 25, 2001 at 14:15:51 coming from 141.117.2
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This message is a reply to GBA carts can be up to 256MB, but... posted from Yamaneko posted at June 25, 2001 at 12:00:12
Thanks for responding Yamaneko! Would Lik-Sang be a possible carrier of such a product?

Have you heard of a GBAS system from a company in Taiwan? It's suppose to fix that eeprom problem because it has it built in or something like that... I'm not sure how it works.

> There won't be many games at 256MB i think, a 128MB cart with eeprom support will be out in august, i suggest you wait for this one

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