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This message was posted by JuJu, posted on June 24, 2001 at 11:09:44 coming from 24.17.3
This message is a reply to Re: Ok, more questions... Mario Kart, Starfox... posted from Q posted at June 24, 2001 at 01:32:37
> > Re: Starfox.

> > I think the special chip is accessed through the "extra teeth". I have no idea if Mario Kart, Mario RPG, Pilot Wings, and Kirby have these teeth.

> > I have been told if you wire Pin 1 from the SWC DX2 cartridge connect to Pin 1 on the SNES that Star Fox will load on top of the SWC DX2. I am not sure why you could not just make a pass through adapter such that the extra teeth are accessed by the SNES.

> > My guess is if you connected the connectors on top of the SWC DX2 to the SNES it shouldn't damage the SNES under 2 conditions: 1) Those connectors are not connected to any circuits on the SWC DX2 and 2) the catridge is supplied the proper voltage to operate.

> > Let us know if you hack your machine to get those to work.

> Yes, I've been wondering about the "extra teeth" thing myself.
> Starfox and Mario RPG have them, and Super Mario Kart does not.

> Which one is Pin 1 anyway? It is on the right? the left? front? back?

Does anyone know if Street Fighter Alpha 2 has these "extra teeth"? Megaman X2,3? Doom? and so on. Pin 1 should be labeled on the cart. It will probably be labeled on the SNES unit to and maybe on the SWC DX2. You need a special screw bit to get the SNES or the SNES cart.

I am not sure why connecting Pin 1 to the SNES should activate the special chip except that it would power the circuitry.

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