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This message was posted by Mark, posted on June 22, 2001 at 14:01:07 coming from 62.189.34
This message is a reply to Re: You can't , you NEED to have a PAL cartridge inserted. NT posted from Clark posted at June 21, 2001 at 13:30:57
> > > Have just aquired a profighter q 24m
> > > Have seen it work with an NTSC machine but it will not work with PAL,
> > > anyone know how to fix this without using a cartridge adaptor.

> Have a Pal cart in the pro fighter but it still won't work.

Many copiers have a lockout chip inside, plus some jumper pins. At least the Super Wild Card and Multi Game Hunter do, maybe your Pro Fighter does too.

There are six pairs of pins, with jumpers on three. In one position, the copier uses its built-in lockout chip. So if it has a US/Jap-type lockout chip, it will only work on US or Japanese consoles.

In the other position, the lockout signals from the cartridge are routed to the console. So the copier will work on any console, providing you have a suitable cart inserted.

You should be able to take the lockout chip from a spare PAL cart and replace the Pro Fighter's lockout chip. Then you can use the copier without having to have a cart inserted.

Some copiers have misleading markings on the lockout chip, e.g. my SWC's chip has 74LS112 printed on it. It should be next to the jumper pins, a socketed 16-pin DIP IC.

-- Mark

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