And add that the NEW SWCDX2 are fucked :) NT

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This message was posted by Yamaneko, posted on June 22, 2001 at 09:46:34 coming from 193.252.181
This message is a reply to Hehe... You be funny... (text) posted from mikael posted at June 22, 2001 at 09:35:17
> Wow, have we discussed the Gamestation? Have the world politicians ever discussed the Israel/Palestina conflict? Ya daaammnn right, we have :D

> Anyway, the Gamestation is a crappy unit, you have to convert all ROMs that you use with it, then it's a SNES clone, so it's not 100%, maybe 99,9999999, BUT not 100% compatible with the SNES... some people claimed they had soundproblems with and stuff... Since it only has RCA outputs, you'll only get composite quality video signals from it... so you'll never have any RGB from it...

> I never thought I would say this, but:
> Buy a Super UFO instead... it seems like a better unit then the Gamestation.
> Then again, it all depends on you... Do you want a good, stable unit, high compability, or are just after playing some good old SNES games and get a little nostalgic? Everything's up to you.

> Brand new units that can be found right now, are:

> Super Wild Card DX2 (the best of these three, has quality, lots of functions, can be bought with 64 Mbit RAM, has a parallell port)
> Super UFO (cheap unit, does the job, also has lots of functions, does not have a parallell port)
> Gamestation (Unit that can be bought if you're really poor, and have almost no expectations in terms of quality in your back up unit.)

> Also, remember that if you have no parallell port on your back up unit, you'll have to load your games with floppies back and forth, and you'll have to split ROM files, cuz some (lots) of them are too big to fit on one floppy... so it all depends on your stress treshould if you're lazy but smart... (like me :)

> But don't just listen to me, ask some other guys too. Everything that I've written are just my opinions.

> mikael

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