SWCDX2 prob... plz help if possible

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This message was posted by Kyuusaku, posted on April 16, 2002 at 19:26:30 coming from 12.233.192
one day last year i was foolin round with my snes put a cart in backwards and broke it. i got a swcdx2 in november, then borrowed super nintendos till recently. i went to a close fleamarket, bought a hella ghetto sunfaded snes with a bullet hole for $5. brought it home and moved its guts to my nice old snes' clean case but.... it turns out my snes was a second revision & the ghetto one was first, so i removed some metal got everything fitted & it worked. played games just fine. THEN i put in my SWC that worked on numerous people's nintendos & now it wont power up just like my first nintendo i killed. Now today with another borrowed snes i tried my Swc and it doesn't work! what could have possibly been fried.. i can name a few things: bram (but it'd still start up),swc rom? I don't really wanna have to send it 2 FFE.

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