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This message was posted by amr, posted on April 06, 2002 at 22:38:09 coming from 62.114.29
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This message is a reply to Re: SNES copiers posted from The Dumper posted at January 23, 2002 at 12:49:48
> > I want to get a copier but I don't know which I should get. I can get the following: super ufo, swc dx2 or sf7. sf7 has price advantage super ufo has advantage of compatibility, and swc dx2 is recommended by everybody I see and have talked to. swc dx2 is the most expensive of them (from where I know to look) and am curious to know which I should get I can find a way to buy any of them. Big things would be ease (or lack) of converting roms, and ease of transfering roms. Thanks for your time.

> I like them all.

> Super UFO
> ---------
> Uses multiple ROM formats, but not SMC which is the most popular. It's inexpensive but has floppy only loading -- sounds like that's not for you.

> Super Wildcard DX2
> ------------------
> Easiest to use. Uses SMC format ROMs. Supports 64Mbit dram. Parallel port makes transferring from the PC easy with vgs2000. Can use old model ZIP 100 drive to store games. Add-on Disk Dual lets you load from CD-ROM or Hard Disk. It's the most expensive unit. Recently I've noticed some instability with a couple of games on the DX2.

> Game Doctor SF7 / Professor SF II
> ---------------------------------
> Doesn't use SMC format ROMs, it uses Game Doctor format, so you'll have to convert almost anything you don't dump yourself and conversion can be difficult for some games because the conversion programs have bugs.

> Naming convention of the ROMs makes it more difficult to keep track of the names of the games (SF#####).

> Supports up to 128Mbit memory.

> It has a parallel port to make transferring easy. It supports a proprietary CD-ROM drive unit if you can find it (usually difficult).

> They are all good units and depending on what you're looking for one or the other may be better for someone else. From your list of big things my recommendation for you would be the DX2. It's the easiest to use, convert, has the most options for transfer.

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