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This message was posted by amptor, posted on April 04, 2002 at 21:55:57 coming from 130.86.215
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This message is a reply to New link to Fat Mikes SWCDX2 FAQ posted from switchblade posted at April 03, 2002 at 15:12:59
Thanks.. hmm I thought this would cover the DX and jumpers but nope! Oh well. It's a good faq though and has a nice list of carts, although I don't think it's 100% accurate on those. It's pretty close though.

It's interesting to read and has a little bit of info that I found useful (mainly the polarity, which I doubt FFE changed from the dx to the dx2)

Oh speaking of this copier unit, I think I remember something about the last DX units using a similar PCB as the DX2. Oh and I thought the DX2 could retain games in memory, but this faq says it doesn't (even if you have an external power supply). My DX was made in early 1995, I believe. There's some send util I used on it that somehow showed me that the DX does retain the games in memory after you power the SNES back on. I think I figured out that if you wait 5 minutes, the games will be erased. I should test this though since I don't remember the specifics. There was a windows utility that, if you didn't send a rom but did access the parallel port, the last game you loaded in the DX would boot up. Maybe I should check this out and try out my friend's copier too with the 1995 bios and make a faq with some small trivial tricks in it hehe.

> As it has helped me IMMENSELY when I got my new DX2 and Disk Dual, I have decided to put the FAQ on my website. Don't expect anything fancy, but at least it might help some of you. Hope you dont mind me doing this Fat Mike, but I know you have been complaining about lackof webspace lately. Link is

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